about us

We bring ideas to life by combining years of experiences of our very talented team.

Sherrie Higgins

Sherrie Higgins is the founder & CEO of Lotus White Concierge. In the past 30 Years Ms.Higgins has traveled the world and used multiple concierge services on a regular basis.

Ms.Higgins knows first-hand how crucial time management is for busy successful professionals and that your valuable time should be spent on a lifestyle that you desire. This is mind, Sherrie started her own company with the experience of understanding the needs to provide a great variety of services that would meet both personal and professional obligations.

In these unprecedented times people worldwide need a safe and comfortable environment. Flexibility and consistent communication is important in order to shift to the needs and services that structure people's time.

It is essential to adapt and protect ourselves and others around us. So, we must all be patient mindful, thoughtful, respectful and considerate of each other into the new normal for all of us.

Ms.Higgins will use her expertise to help create a stress free environment and meet your lifestyle needs, which will help you balance your life in order to make you feel amazing.