Professional Accountant


Personal Assistant



Personal Assistant

Client: Lana Paton - Professional Accountant


Extremely busy schedule involving extensive travelling. Needed a level of
service to manage all household chores and outsource personal and family obligations.


Created a monthly schedule for ongoing services such as a full time
housekeeper to maintain the household daily chores and laundry. Housekeeper also
made daily snacks for the children after school. A chef who purchased the groceries,
created a menu and cooked their food weekly. Hired a dog walker who took their dog out
2 times daily.

The Result

My Lifestyle Management Company helped to achieve a sense of balance in
my client’s family's life. The benefit of my concierge services is that I was able to free up
precious time, which enabled them to experience the things they love to do together.
We offer the most priceless commodity ...Time!


“Sherrie and her staff at Lotus White Concierge provide top tier services with a high degree of reliability and professionalism.

She has assisted in a variety of needs not limited to social events, business parties, personal chefs, home maintenance, personal shopper, to booking make-up consultants and stylists.

Sherrie does a great job of screening her network of contractors and is very particular about details, precision and timely service for her clients. If you are already a client or a potential client, you can be sure that you have found the best personal assistant and home management team.”